Spiritual Development Program of Plymouth

Do you find yourself wondering if there isn’t a better, easier way of living? One that has less stress, more peace and clarity, more happiness, greater health and deeper, more meaningful relationships?

If this is you, please join us at the Spiritual Development Program of Plymouth and connect with other explorers just like yourself. No dogma, no religion or affiliation. Just Universal principles of energy and how to tap into them.


Because your desire to live life more fully can only be experienced by opening the greatest part of you; the only part of you that has the ability to create a greater life; your Spiritual Self!  

How do you do that? By feeding it of course!

In this group we will do just that and you will experience all of those parts of you come to life. You’ll learn how to develop your intuition, your ability to heal yourself, see auras, your connection and understanding of your Chakra system and how to bring it into balance for greater health and happiness and prosperity…and so much more!

Starting Thursday, January 24th from 6-8pm.

Classes held every alternating Thursday at:    

67 Long Pond Road, Plymouth  MA 02360

INVESTMENT: $15     

$20 Cash Only at the door

929-374-4141 for questions


Marcy Neumann, Rev., RN, RMT, KMT, CHT has been a Spiritual guide to many for over 45 years. Her own experience with these Universal Laws found in ACIM have become the basis for all of her teachings, HeartSHift Coaching principles and her award winning products and programs.